Don't Pull Your Intelligence Out On The First Date


My intelligence is responsible for all things that make me heaven sent

I honestly feel like my eloquence allows me to have more chemistry

With a woman than the periodic table of elements

Knowledge-seeking is where I keep my mind entrenched

Which gives me leverage since

The average person doesn’t think like this

When I learn new things it keeps my self-image on a pedestal like your highness

A philosophile is what I’m proud to be

Those who don’t understand were never meant to get it, see?

But those who do, we have a dirty little secrecy

That allows us to communicate thoughts and ideas that push way past the average person’s mental boundaries

I love when a person challenges my beliefs

Because that’s when I get to shine and show them, what I feel is, the best part of me

Which is telling them my personal solutions to a world full of quandaries.

Pardon me, but I believe everyone should work to make a reality from his or her dreams.

I shine when I steer people back on the right path because I have observed the wrong ones

I like helping people that always had to think under the gun…

And that’s what makes me worthy of praise

My ability to take my intelligence and raise

People to their higher calling and not just a higher salary wage

You can either sit and be amazed

Or you could let me help you see the brighter days.


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