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Tue, 03/03/2015 - 16:40 -- fepss


Instagram is a trend most of us do
Hash tag filter
Hash tag life
Hash tag me
A filter out picture is what people see
I’m more than a filtered out picture though
In all honesty I know the real me
I know
Physically I’m a average teen
Zits on the face and a voice that shouldn’t be on Glee
Hair always has a fit and goes everywhere
The kind of crooked smile a mother adores
And the body of someone that pizza always embraced
But my mind makes it all okay
The brain within is a beautiful piece of art
It always has been since the start
My mind lets me view who I am
All my flaws
All my mistakes
All my achievements
All my life is turned into the best movie made and the director is I
I KNOW who I am
Right on the dot
Each time I breath I read the words I could be saying
Missing chances aren’t for me
I embrace the dirt and wear the gold
I am the Johnson and Johnson logo, no tears will flow unless you use the product wrong
I am the one who always remains strong
I am the one to help the needy
Let alone I don’t become greedy
But then again I am a human
I’m not perfect
I’m nothing more but a princess opening the castle doors
Letting everyone inside
The embracer I am
Im even willing to try green eggs and ham
That is I , the butterfly that will always fly
The bird with broken wings that continues to sing
The fly who isn’t scared of the large fly swatter
Live my life is all for me
I’m the blind man that always sees
Behind the filter that is me
Embracer, lover, fighter, risk taker …

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