DAMN men


Pick this up

Pick that up

Shut your mouth

Women should be seen

Not heard.

Make me tea

Make me breakfast

Make me tea

Make me lunch

Make me tea

Make me dinner

Make me tea

Now give me my insulin injection you insolent maggot.


One of these days these damn men will realize they can

Wash their own laundry

And make their own food.

Just cuz’ you come from the south

Doesn’t mean

You get to tell me what to do

Just because I am the weaker sex

Just because I can bear children

Doesn’t mean I should bend over and

Pick up your clothes.

Where the hell does your reasoning come from old man

Not from here no sir

Your backwards thinking is the same

Since they locked up women for

Ruining their frocks each month,

Dying from an unknown disease

Painting the canvas red.

Lord help us if there was a time machine

To send your ass to the past you’d

Fit in anywhere

At anytime

Just cuz’ you’re a white man.

Shut up and listen for once

We have opinions

We have knowledge

Why can’t you see?

Why can’t you hear?

Is it because that thing on your shoulders is so far up

The deep dark tunnel behind you

That you can’t hear?

Or that you can’t see?

Yet not far enough that your mouth is occluded from uttering those



Nasty words.

You blackguard

You nitwit

You see the fridge

You see the TV

Oh, you saw that mess?

Oh, that’s right, that’s my job

Not yours

No its ok, prop your feet up and go back to sleep.

That mess will be gone from the floor

But might end up on your pillow.

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Our world
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