Love Being

I woke up to face me in the mirror butter ball naked

I saw all the flaws I once so desperately try to hid

From even the young lady in the mirror who did everything I did

I thought of all the negativity until I said, "Just put on that lid!"


But I remember people telling me lots of wrongs about myself

Yet I've been taught by my parents to love myself

So many images and gossip about tearing down oneself

I think I better put my confidence on a very low shelf


"Your toes are too short and stubby and your feet are wide"

That means my toe nails are too small to be, by a pro, dyed

I mostly wear sneakers because I play with the boys outside

But my toes line up neatly and my feet can do a good stride


"You have dots all over your legs and your calves are too meaty"

Even though the dots you can hardly see are so itty bitty

My calves shapes my legs nicely as if my genes made an entreaty

My mom was a twig, so she says, "I wish I had your legs, sweetie!"


"Your butt is too fat and round for you to have a small skinny waist"

"Your thighs are kind of fat as well", but it can be easily traced

Apparently these are things I should want to be replaced

But if I say so myself I think God has very good taste


I actually had people point out this flaw about my back

It goes in deeply and then out almost like the curve on a race track

That's why my butt looks so big because of the illusion it hi-jacked

The sexiest part of a woman is her back and mines doesn't lack


I did get teased plenty about the spots on the back of my hands

People called them liver spots and said, "You have old people's hands"

I don't know what they are and the reason they're there I don't understand

Now I could care less that they're there and I know you can


A, B, C, and D shouldn't matter much, but it does to many

I'm a B that gets confused with an A at times, but not aplenty

When I became a C that was just right, but to me

I don't care the size as long as I got something to see!


"Your neck is kind of long and your head is too round"

Ever since I was young my eyes have bags that are bound

"You're lips are small and petite for a black person" is a familiar sound

I swear people pay too much attention like they're freaking bloodhounds


Now the message that the media often sends was telling me this

Being black is shameful; like that doesn't just make me pissed

Being brown skinned is good, but becoming lighter would be bliss

I have fine hair, but make it and keep it straighter. Now here's the twist:


I love being me and all that God's gave me. I'm blessed!

I love being me from head to toe. I'm not even pressed

To change myself to someone else's vision then look a hot mess

My flaws and all is what makes me, me! So I know I am flawless!




Loving yourself is one of the most amazing accomplishments one could conqour. It trully is a struggle to love yourself when media and society tell you other wise. Really good poem. Keep it up. 


It is, but thank you very much for taking the time out to comment on my poem. It is much appreciated.

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