My Love is Something Real


Romans 5:18

"I loved you at your darkest"

I have loved you at your darkest, my child,

despite all you're hurt and pain.

I loved you while you were on your phone

searching for love and love again.

Those long dreary nights those voices told you

that you would never win.

The days they jeered and mocked you,

and you decided to runaway.

You were walking down that street thinking  

this is the end of the road.

Then i whispered " Turn around my child,

please come back home."

You decided some years later

you would give your life to me.

I believe i cried more than you that night

and danced so happily.

Please my child,

do not give up no matter how you feel.

Empty, sad, alone, or afraid

My love is something real.


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