There are times in life where I
Find the difficulty in being me
Pride becomes such an obscure concept
Nestled in the corner of my mind
As I examine myself in the mirror
Criticizing the capacity of my cheeks
The small imperfections of my face
The white cracks reaching across my lips
Yet I tell you I don't care
Because these moments are commonplace
I have often scolded myself for dreams of perfection
You will not see me crumble at my appearance
Not see me curl up in the shadows, ashamed of what I look like
I stand tall
Walking with a gaze of iron and thought
Chin raised
Head high
Coming with a gait that most would call regal
I belong there
Because no matter what people say
How they may doubt the power of the oppressed
I have found a new strength in going through these halls
A strength which rivals with the small doubts of pride and whispers of disappointment
"You don't walk like a girl!"
Well, no shit, Sherlock
I am walking like a person
This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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