Learning to Love Myself

Every picture I take, I take with a sense of accomplishment.

It's not the beauty of the picture or the perfection of it, 

Its the understanding that I see behind a picture of myself.

You may look at me and see girl trying too hard for one picture

Or you may see a girl understanding herself,

seeing that it is just a clear, natural picture took in a matter of seconds,

that is the girl I see in my pictures.

Its the girl that doesn't try to hard to please people, other than herself.

That is the beauty behind the picture,

its being myself in front of everyone

there are no filters to cover up flaws or makeup plastering my face,

that is the real me accepting what I was given.

That is who I am in front of your eyes too,

talking with a smile on my face, 

sharing my interest in tennis or obsessing over a new book I bought.

The flaws that you see in my pictures are me showing that I learned who I am

and I love myself and all the flaws I was given.


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