I'll Let You See


The makeup. The smiles. The friends.
I'll let you see.
The parties. The crowd. Through the lens
that's what you see.

Turn up the contrast, the highlights,
and brighten up my page.
Even my bio paints a lifestyle
I think I should display.

It's not that I'm unhappy
or feeling insecure,
but I'd be lying if I said
I don't hide behind the blur.

I cover up my colors
to help the world understand.
Turn blues and greens to blacks and whites
with a device in my hand.

I've done it all before.
I'm bound do to it again.
But then I'll bring them back to life
with a couple chords and this pen

I could take a #nomakeup selfie
to try and show the "real me"
But I cannot capture that in a picture
It would hold no authenticity.

If I start singing my truths
I could open up their eyes.
They'd see the comfortable life I lead
Is riddled with lies.

I'm broke, but not broken.
Still, I'm barely scraping by.
Just trying to show my little sister
That you can't let your dreams die.

I don't sleep. I've got these circles
forming under my eyes.
It's consequence of getting closer,
I keep both eyes on my prize.

For every sleepless night is spent
trying to further my goals
Writing my truths all down on paper,
these melodies of my soul.

My music is my mirror;
a direct reflection of me.
So you wanna know who I really am?
Come listen. I'll let you see.

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