The Second Layer


18° 26' 7.9224" N, 79° 8' 36.834" E

As the unwanted mask stares back at the reflection


She tells it that it looks better 

and that all her insecurties are concealed under

that was the foundation of her life 

all the layes of trouble started to show through


She notices that all this is fake

"fake as hell" all the  girls would say

all the irony is causing her to blush


She sweeps on her powder to lock it all in, like a chain being locked on a vault

before she leaves,

she makes sure all the imperfecions are concealed under the fair


Now looking back at her incandecent twin

she realizes when the chain on the vault is cracked,

her security is gone

when her foundation is broken

her walls come tumbling down

and when all her concealed insecurities are  open

nothing is left but the flawless beauty she finally saw.






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