wild, naive, and carefree.



Here I stand again

in front of a cracked mirror. 
A smudged reflection
showcasing all of my imperfections. 
I never use to be like this,
I use to be wild, naive, and carefree,
until one day our society turned vain. 
But I want to be like I was; back when I was wild, naive, and carefree. 
So now I stand alone in my room 
Posing for a picture that I'll share with all of my close friends.  
Beauty doesn't matter 
it's all about the lighting. 
And angle that flatters. 
And a filter that fits the picture 
Unlike me. 
I don't fit society's picture of perfect 
And I'm starting to think that's okay.
I've learned a lot about myself
The day I decided to take a step back. 
I'm quite but thoughtful;
grateful and humble,
all of which someone told me as they caught me from my stumble. 
I have a mole right beside my lip,
some even say I look a bit like
an early Marilyn Monroe. 
I like my smile, the way my eyes light up 
like a child. 
And yes it sounds like I'm writing a love song about myself,
But what can I say,
I love myself. 
And as I stand in front of this mirror,
the cracks begin healing. 
I begin breathing. 
As I stare longer at the mirror,
my once smudged reflection,
becomes a lot clearer. 
Some how my mind seems to forget 
all of my imperfections;
"I am wild, naive, and carefree" I say as I smile. 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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