I See

I looked in the mirror and I saw a woman. A black woman with power, an independent woman, a woman with the vision to change the world. 

When I walked out into the world and saw my reflection in a window, I saw a little girl. A little black girl with nappy hair, a little girl with dreams and no drive, a little girl  in an all white neighborhood. 

When I walked down the street, black people saw a young woman. A young woman who was smart, a young woman who loved God, a young woman with the soul of an angel. 

When I walked down the street, white people saw a rebellious teenager. A rebellious teenager who looks like she dropped out of high school, a rebellious teenager who had bad judgment, a rebellious teenager who threw her life away. 

When I went to church, the crowd saw a loyal servant. A loyal servant who worshipped her Father's name, a loyal servant who read her scripture, a loyal servant who had her spiritual relationship with God all together.

When I went to school, the students saw a know-it-all. A know-it-all who spent all of her time studying, a know-it-all who had no friends, a know-it-all who "tried too hard." 

When I went home, my father saw a daughter. A daughter that had many flaws, a daughter that he loved, a daughter that he would adopt one day.

When I went home, my mother saw a miracle child. A miracle child that was as stubborn as a mule, a miracle child that was her first born, a miracle child that she would die for. 

When I went home, my sister saw a big sister. A big sister that was mean, a big sister that would always try to pick a fight, a big sister that she wouldn't trade for anyone else. 

When I cried, I saw a shattered soul. A shattered soul that shouldn't be in this world, a shattered soul that was damned to Hell, a shattered soul that broke everything it touched. 

I saw a broken heart that ached from all the things that people saw it as

When I prayed, God saw a seed. A seed that He made to perfection, a seed that was destined to grow, a seed that He died for. 

When I look into my mirror, I see a beam of light. A beam of light that wasn't the skin on her body, a beam of light that wasn't the hair on her head, a beam of light that wasn't everyone else's expectations.

I see a beam of light that was the soul that lived within. A beam of light that is sensitive and compassionate, a beam of light that sees what God created, a beam of light that can accomplish anything.

This is what I plan to do. 

This is what I see.


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My family
My community
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