of Gems, Sincerity, and my not so many Faces


United States

the gift inside of me

is more valuable, more precious

than golden nugget chunks

found beneath Earth's rocky skin.

it is much more beautiful

than glittering diamond fractals,

reflecting beams of light

within their clear prisms

and angular matrices.

to try and try to be real,

to be me, and to be good,

without conceit or falsehood

to dampen my soul's pale glow:

that is my gift and my redemption.

for my several faces to be one,

unified and whole,

so that I am the same entity

here and at school,

at work and at home,

at sea and on land,

and in the sky so wide and cornflower blue.

it is God who gave me Sincerity,

and his benevolence, unmatched,

is not without appreciation.



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