flaws me!


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Flawless? yes me!

The way I walk into a room. The way I carry myself. The way I talk. I'm not stuck up or rude. 

I'm flawless!
I'm confident in myself. As I am and in who I am. 
I'm even more flawless with my hair in a messy bun 
When I'm not wearing any makeup, showing off my battle scar I got from playing powder puff under my eyebrow. 
I'm flawless! 
When I'm on the court spiking the ball at the other team. 
Sweaty and all. 
I'm flawless!
When wearing sweat pants and a hoodie because I didn't feel like dressing up.  
I'm flawless! 
When I snort like a pig when I laugh. 
I'm flawless! 
I'm me and that's all I want to be and will be. 
Flawless? Yes that's me! 
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