Dear Society

Dear society,

I am a queen and it seems you haven't got a clue

In Sunday school, you handed me a Bible and told me to be quiet

Preached that I was to serve man, marry man and obey man

Sit down.


You  took me to the toy store,

Said I could have any toy I desired

I reached for the train set and left with a Barbie doll

Sit down.


Harassed in the subway

and the first question the you ask,

“What were you wearing?”

Sit down.


When I spoke my mind,

You sent me to the doctor

Said I had “anger issues”

Sit down.


What you don’t know is that I’m on fire

and it’s about time you got burned.

No woman of man here.

Before you is a woman of divinity.

I am a queen.

I should not stand in the doorway and beg to be let in.

I am a queen.

Break me apart

Strip me to my naked soul

and you'll find heaven and love

I am a queen.

You tried to bury me but didn’t know I was a seed

My ambition is not anger.

I am a queen.

There is a light I shine which can not be extinguished.

I will shine in your darkest corners.

I will transform you.


I am the queen.


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