Ain't I Still A Woman?


As a woman

I can act like a lady

I can dress like a lady

I can expand my vocabulary so that 

I sound like a lady

I can walk with the right amount of sway

Like a lady

With just enough tease

While still remaining tasteful,

Like a lady.

I can eat like a lady

and speak gently like a lady

I can sit up straight

with perfect posture like a lady.

I can wear black stockings

and semi-conservative dresses like a lady

I can watch what I eat 

and pout my lips like a lady.

I can be strong, yet feminine

Like a lady

and not cry, like a lady.

But, if you look close enough,

You will see that my hands

cannot look like a lady's

And deep enough in my eyes 

You will see that I have seen too much 

to be a lady

and my ears have heard too much 

to be a lady's

and my mouth has said too much

and kissed too many

for me to be a lady.

But I am still a woman,

and social construct cannot determine my femininity 

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