Today I sit in the front.


I’m determined.

To listen,

To learn,

To focus.


But all I see,

Is nothingness.

A white board,

Without a mark there.

A paper that I’ve apparently been writing on,

But that now has no words at all.


You see, I’m distracted.

I can’t listen,

I can’t learn,

I can’t focus.


I feel totally alone.

I can’t see a person,

I can’t see a word.


Completely Isolated.


But tomorrow’s a new day.

A new seat,

A new chance.


So today I sit in the middle.


I’m determined,

As I am every day,

To do better,

To stay on task,

To do what I’m supposed to.


But what am I supposed to do?

I can’t see anything,

But a class of empty desks.


Where is that laughter coming from?

What does that laughter feel like…


I am sitting in the middle,

Apparently surrounded by a class

Full of students,

Full of friends.


But not one of them sees this


That completely envelopes

My every thought.

And I don’t see a one of them.


I am alone.


But tomorrow’s a new day.

A new seat,

A new chance.


So today I sit in the back.

I have a whole class in front of me,

A whole collection of students.

I can see them,

I can hear them.


I don’t think they can see me though.

I don’t think they hear what I say.

Do I even hear it?


I finally see these groups.

Those faces that I’ve known

Since I was little,

But I feel more


Than ever.


I am being consumed,

By a silent monster,

That no one can see.


Day in and day out,

I feel it.





A few more days,

or maybe hours,

or perhaps minutes,

And I’ll be engulfed.


This deadly monster,

Turning me into a

Silent, invisible being.


But tomorrow’s a new day,

A new seat,

A new chance.


So today I sit above.


Today, I see new things

That I never imagined

I would ever see.


I had felt isolated.



I had lost myself in this

Evil monster,

When the entire time,

I was surrounded.


I had friends,

But I was unable to see,

Or to hear their kind words

Or feel their supporting hands.


I had teachers,

That had the biggest dreams for me.

But I just couldn’t see

They were only trying to help.


I had family,

That loved me every day.

That helped me every day.

Only I was too blind

To notice or to accept

The greatness they had to offer.


So today I opened my eyes.


Today, I realized

Loneliness is a mind set.

A feeling so real,

That you can’t acknowledge

That you have a choice.


A choice to welcome people,

To see the love,

To feel the friendship,

To live.


Today I awoke from a nightmare,

And allowed myself to be happy.

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