I'm (not) sorry

I use filters every day of my life

I'm not just talking about stupid ass picture filters 

I'm sorry for cursing


No. I'm not sorry 

You see that's another filter I use

I have so little self confidence that I am constantly coveringup 

anything- anything that I may have done wrong

So, I'm sorry if it gets a little over excessive. 

It doesn't even matter if I didn't even do something wrong

It's just another flaw, It's who i am

I'm sorry

 Yes of course there are instances where I domake mistakes 

I'm sure you do too

I'm sorry 

But there are just something s that are just automatic

that I don't need to apologize for

So, I'm sorry if I say it too much

Just minor things like if I forget to text you back 

or fall asleep on you 

"I'm sorry"

those apologies aren't even necessary

 but i'm just being polite

I'm sorry if it's annoying

but then there’s those things that I really should not apologize for

I'm sorry if I'm being boring

I'm sorry you cheated on me 

I'm sorry you're mad at me for something you did

I'm sorry you broke my heart

I'm sorry you stabbed me in the back

I'm sorry you took advantage of me 

I'm sorry for being myself..


I am ALWAYS the FIRST to apologize in any given situation 

I use the words

"I'm sorry" 

so much that I have become the phrase

like a bad dad joke

without the phrase "I'm sorry"

I am actually a person who puts herself in front of others

So I'm sorry if i put myself ahead of you from now on

no. who am I kidding?

I'm NOT sorry any more

I'm just me

Fine without a filter. 


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