Sammota's poem


My old friend,
long since living in Tanzania
was a friend of living.

"You are flawless" she crooned.
"Trust me, I know."

Her words were colored with wisdom, her tone like the voice of the people.
Tingling into my fingers, permeating my heart
but still her words could not be heard.

I was deaf.
positivity and love was silence
While criticism was an unmistakable whimper.

Even the loudest pleas can be silent
collide and grow and multiply
and defeat the sound of positivity

Incessant chatter
flourshing in the room
simply could not be ignored

My curly blonde hair,
My love of love
every flaw and facet
Makes up a beautiful diamond

And you.
You are flawless.
Trust me
I know.

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Our world
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