Oh, Darling


Position one

Position two

Position three

And what the mirror sees

Is unlike any other

With your strong legs

And confident hips

Poised hands

And pursed lips.


Your eyes



And now you are on your own.


Dance quick



And in comes the


Whirling scent

Of lavender and sweat.

And as you step

Sway and spin

You slink into the folds

Of your black and white silk.

Oh, darling,

You think you are slick

As you lightly step around them

Hardly make a sound.

And you hope no one will notice

You hope no one will notice.


Your feet are sore

Red with the blisters

Of your worn out ballet slippers.

But there’s more to your dance.


Finally, you step away

You breathe in deeply and tell yourself

It’ll be okay

As your ankles shake

And your knees wobble.

But you can make



The spirit within the girl

With the oval face

And glowing olive skin

And the eyes

That shine.


This poem is about: 
My community


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