The flawed and the flawless


St Paul, Minnesota
United States

At 5 years old she is the epitome of the world's goodness

She wants to be a princess, and knows no evil.

At 10 years old she wants to be a teacher.

She notices the hatred of the world, but doesn't care.

At 15 she longs to be left alone.

She has toxic views of herself, just as the world as taught her. 

She thinks she is worthless; better off dead. 

All of the miracles that reside in her soul are left unnoticed. 

At 17 she realizes that her flaws are not her downfall, 

That each of us have an amazing composition of swirling 

Qualities, both good and bad, that make life as great as it is. 

At 20 years old she is pregnant. She knows of life's fragile sequence,

And that she, and everyone around her,

Is so much more than what meets the eye. 

At 26 her daughter wants to be a ballerina,

And at 30 she teaches her daughter that each person,

Though flawed, is inevitably flawless. We all house greatness.






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