Imperfectly Beautiful


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Whom hold's that position?

Whom is this beholder and what gave him, or her the right to set beautiful's standards.

I may not have the biggest bust, but my heart is by far huge.

I have my scars and demons set, but at the same time do do you.

We bleed, we cry, we make mistakes, but that what humans do.

Really, what is the difference between me and you?

I lay and stare at my ceiling day to day.

Or my face is flush in my pillow as I hope and I pray.

To be more like her, or for this or that.

Yet, I love who I am. It's other people's opinions that cause me to forget that.

Nobody is perfect, NOBODY...

I am imperfectly imperfect.

I am beautiful.

I am me.


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