Individuality is Flawless


But what is flawless


We suckle on ideas of societal perfection

Is it clean nail buds

Soft skin

Tame hair


Pretty Quiet


Pretty Skinny





Shh.. Do you hear that?

It is the sound of a destroyed lineage.

Ideals burned

No longer will I have tears streaming down my face

Because of the mere existence of my body

I am flawless because

I have finally learned to love myself.

Self-deprecation is no longer a trend

I’m a fucking treasure

Perfect is not “what’s in”

I am a melting orange, blue, pink sunset of warmth

I am flawless because

I have found perfection in my flaws

I have found constellations in my blemishes

I have found art in my basic brown eyes

The sea in my thick, dark hair

The mountain ranges of my mind





A sky of stationary stars

Yet when the universe decides to send

A shooting star ablaze that slow steady night

We do not see see that dash of light as a

Scar on the beautiful face of the sky.

We do not point at it and cry over it disruption of a steady night

We find beauty in that minute moment of difference

Of individuality

We hold on to that individuality

Then we close our eyes

And make a wish



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