Sun, 11/24/2013 - 00:01 -- ociew


  IM SO ANGRY, FULL OF RAGE, FULL OF HATE, AND SOME DISGRACE,                                                      IM  GOIN PALE FROM ALL THE SHIT THAT THEY PUT ME THROUGH                                                        IM WONDERING WHY TIME DOESNT FLY CANT IT ALL BE THROUGH,                                                             AND IF IT CANT CAN THE PROFECY PLEASE COME THROUGH                                                     CAUZ I QUIT, IM DONE, IM FINISHED IM THROUGH                                                         I REBUKE ALL THE SHIT THAT THE DEVIL CAME AND BREWED                                                       ITS SO UNFARE BUT NOT UNRARE IM 'FINNA GO WILD LIKE A CALIFORNIA BEAR,                                           'CAUZ I SWEAR ALL THIS SHIT JUST WILL NOT STOP,                                                          AND I STOPED PRAYING SO THIS SHIT JUST WILL NOT DROP,                                                                  'CAUZ IT CANT GO NO LOWER THE DEVILS SITTING THERE HOLDING,                                                      MY LIFE IN HIS HANDS LIKE HE HAS FUTURE PLANS,                                                       BUT I READ THE FINE PRINT AND I SWEAR I DIDNT SIGN IT,                                                        'CAUZ THE DEVIL GOT ME FUCKED UP, I PLAYED HIM AND I BUCKED UP,                                                           TO HIM AND ANYBODY THAT CAME THROUGH AND SUCKED UP,                                                         SHOWED ME LOVE, GAVE ME A HUG, THEN WENT BEHIND MY BACK AND PULLED THE PLUG,                                                                             IM FEELIN DRUGED IM SO HIGH, BUT GOD WONT LET ME TOUCH THE SKY,                                                                       I ASKED HIM WHY AND HE REPLIED, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER THEN COME BY,                                                   'CAUZ AT THE MOMENT YOUR LIKE A TOURMENT, TO WHAT I PREACH AND YOU WANT TO FLAUNT IT                                                                              IM IM NOT HAVIN IT, GET RID OF ALL YOUR HABITS,                                                         THEN COME BACK TO MY PEARLY GATES, ON YOUR KNEES AND WITH FAITH,                                                                   AND I PROMISE THAT ALL THINGS YOU DEBATE, AND THINGS YOU THINK YOU CAN NOT TAKE,                                                WILL ALL DISAPEAR, AND I WILL TAKE 


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