#Flawless Incarnate



Music poundin’, phrases boundin’-

baby I’m flawless…

Strings screechin’, conductor preachin’-

Baby I’m Flawless…

Symphony soundin’, heart pounding’-

Baby I’m Flawless!


There’s no other thrill then this,

no sport could suffice,

no chemistry entice.


Does math speak to the soul?

Does government make you grow?

At the end of the day what do you know?



One word,

Two Syllables:



Me and U-

Significantly Intertwined, Creating.

Creating what?

I don’t know,

Something marvelous I suppose.


All those kids fightin’ their hardest to be the best,

 to get the grades.

I know, I’m one of them.

But “The Best” doesn’t fill me,

The tests don’t chill me.


My Best- is the only Best I can strive for,

The only Best I’d die for-

I didn’t have to try for Music,

It came in my family history,

Like the whisper that’s always a mystery.


I don’t remember learning music,

I just know it grew in me and I in it.

I started off singing at church,

Which grew into singing in choir,

Which somehow grew into oboe being my only desire.


Three instruments I’d practice-

Oboe… Piano… Voice.

It became my choice of the matter,

I find that most parents are able to read their children

And see the talents that inspire.

My mother did and I’m grateful everyday.


In small schools everywhere music gets overlooked,

Sports are the only things that hook.

If sports isn’t the answer, you look

 to academics or Agriculture.

Well what about pop culture?

Music of this era or the classics?


Mozart made music,

But most importantly Music made Mozart.

Without music- his name

Would not resonate throughout history,

His works would not be Flawless.


Without Music I’d be the odd one out,

The one who didn’t claim anything as their own,

Someone who didn’t feel flawless

Or content in their skin.


In music I find my ground,

My ability to be whoever I want to be.

No strings attached, just music soaring-

Flawless Incarnate.


Music poundin’, phrases boundin’-

Emotion Surging-

Strings screechin’, conductor preachin’-

Joy Exerting-

Symphony soundin’, heart poundin’-

My perfect relief…

F- L- A- W- L- E- S- S-








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