Who I Am


If asked to described myself in one word

I would exclaim "How absurd!"
For humans are complex
But I suppose I'd say I'm thoughtful, since I often reflect
I am easily excitable
And the number of dreams I possess are quite sizable
I like to think I'm down to earth
Because I would never intentionally hurt
Someone else, even if they were to hurt me
For I cannot fathom and I cannot see
How one can be so quick 
To say something that would tick
Off a bomb 
Or leave tremendous wounds in one's heart
I like to think living is a form of art
Show compassion.
Show strength.
For what is life without compassion
When the rest of the world is only passionate when it comes to banks?
If I saw someone crying 
I would panic, act as though they were dying 
"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Because I know how it feels when everyone else acts curt.
Maybe I'm nosy
But it's because I care
And maybe life isn't always rosy
And there's always a reason to be scared.
But I try to overcome the Doubt
And the Fear
At times when life gets too hard I might shed a tear.
I might shout or even tear my hair out.
When I get angry rage fills me up to the red tips of my ears
A heat that isn't sweltering isn't a heat that sears.
I am very emotional
And sometimes a bit unsociable 
I see myself as a rock in the process of being polished.
My past experiences once led me to believe my heart had been demolished. 
But if it hadn't been for my friends
I would still believe
I'd be miserable until the very end.
For my heart had been deceived
Not once, not twice
But thrice
I started to lose faith in the world
Into a state of depression, I was hurled.
My pain doesn't define me.
Even though at one point that was how I thought it to be.
Now I know, I am not broken.
I am not afraid to say the words I have spoken. 
My past is part of me, but it is not all of me.
I know I've experienced what I have to become who I'm meant to be
I am always me around the ones I love
And I'll always make sure I never forget to thank the God above
I wouldn't be here without my family and my friends 
I think of them all as valuable, beautiful gems
I am proud I've managed to overcome everything life threw my way
Now I have a new mantra, I believe everyday is a brand new day
I can redeem myself, redeem the mistakes of the past.
For I have come to learn that pain and misery never last.
I am young and I have made mistakes.
I am young and that is perfectly okay.
The world is crueler than you can imagine. 
If we want a better one now is the time to take action. 
Don't be the darkness, be the light. 
Help others. Be in charge of your own life. 


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