10 Daily Steps to Loving Myself

1. Wake up and look in the mirror and complement yourself on something. Anything. The way your hair looks, the way your butt looks, your smile, your eyes, pick something.

DO NOT say ANYTHING bad about yourself. 

2. Eat breakfast. It has to be something, preferably something that is semi healthy and is big enough to get you until lunch. 

DO NOT skip breakfast. It gives you the energy you need for the day. And no one is ever happy when they are hungry. It's really not that hard, just eat. 

3. Wear something that makes you comfortable. If you think you look beautiful in it then you are beautiful . Seeing is believing, right? 

DO NOT change your mind because someone comments on the way you look, what the hell do they know about fashion and style? 

4. Compliment at least one person. It doesn't matter if it's your mom, best friend, or a complete stranger. Pointing out something positive about someone helps you see things in a positive way. 

DO NOT compare yourself to that person. You are a completely different person. The goal is to lift yourself up by making someone else feel good, not to drag yourself down. 

5. Stay active. Move around. Stay busy. Go for a walk or maybe even a run.

DO NOT stay in one place for too long. "A body in motion stays in motion" It will help you avoid feeling icky and lazy.

6. Eat some of your favorite food. Whether it be chocolate or a spoon full of peanut butter. Eat it if it makes you happy. You deserve it.

DO NOT deprive yourself of food. It gives you energy remember?

7. Talk to someone who loves you. Your family or best friends. These are the people who know who you truly are and love you anyways. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from them 

DO NOT cut yourself off from people. Let them in. Its always better to have someone by your side. 

8. Make a To-Do list with only a few items on it so it isn't overwhelming. When you get them done you'll feel much more relieved and relaxed. 

DO NOT keep pushing things aside. Everything will start building up and get even more stressful. 

9. Spend some alone time. It's good to be by yourself for a little bit of the day every day to just think

DO NOT use this time to feel terrible about yourself. POSITIVE THOUGHTS

10. Before you go to bed, look in the mirror again and complement yourself on one other thing along with what you complemented yourself on before.

DO NOT go to bed feeling sad or terrible about yourself or anything that happened today

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