Those were the days that I hated being me
Those were the days that I felt I wasn't free
Those were the days that I cried all night long
Those were the days where I felt I didn't belong
I would look in the mirror and think "Why are these people so mean?" 
Was it just me? Or was it something unforseen?
People say "Yeah, she's okay. At least she has a cute face."
They say it as if being full figured is such a disgrace.
They're always saying to me that I'm unhealthy and I'm fat
But what gets me is that they say it to my face actin' like I didn't already know that. 
You don't think I can't see it? Clearly, I'm not blind. 
The way that I look is NOT how I'm defined. 
But let me tell you something. 
I refuse to be a victim to the stereotyping and the judging.
Because I know by God's grace I was born to be something. 
It took me forever to understand it's not how others feel. 
It's about how God created me to be somebody real. 
I'm beautiful, vibrant, and above all, I'm smart.
And there's more to me than my weight.
I also have a big heart. 
Damn right I have cute face and I'm thick in my waist.
But trust me when I tell you
I look good whether I'm wearing cotton, denim, leather, and even lace.
Now don't get me wrong. I know I gotta lose it. 
But until that day comes, I'm gonna love myself and accept it. 
So gone are the days that I hated being me
Gone are the days that I felt I wasn't free
Gone are the days that I cried all night long
Because today is the day where I know I belong.
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