What may feel empty to


What may feel empty to the world,

Cause I got no color to define,

All the bend within my curls,

And no shame between my blinds,

No Filter.

On Instagram for the world to see,

That I have a facial glow,

I'm as natural as can be,

Now my selfie likes will grow,

No Filter.

Yes my cheekbones are high and plump,

And my lips are big and round,

And on my forehead you see bumps,

But I'm still standing high and proud,

No Filter.

May not be appealing to your eye,

Your so eager to photoshop,

But your life is also a lie,

Would wipe off your makeup with a mop,

No Filter.

Just embrace the skin your in,

Which took me awhile to learn,

Respect isn't something you win,

Respect is something you earn,

No Filter. No Filter. No Filter


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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