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Gowing mup i have always been taught to love myself not only for my whole self but for my body as well. Self confidence is something that has been a personal struggle all thorughout my life and as i have grown older i have realized that i need to love what my body does for me before i can learn how to love my shell. All of our bodies have a cage of bones that keep us together, hold a loving, compasionate heart, an intelligent and complex brain. Our bodies even digest out food for us and yet many of us only care about our appearances. I have learned that my body is a temple and it does so many things for me and i dont even have to think about it. I am a miracle of a masterpiece that God has planned and i know i have a purpose on this earth. With that in mind, I know that my appearances shouldn't hinder me from doing the things i love or the things i was put on earth to do. With my mindset I have learned that no matter what anyone says, I am beautful, unique, intelligent, and no one can take that away from me as long as i believe in me. Cellulite, acne, arm rolls, or whatever anyone may struggle with on their outer appearance make us who we are. We all need to love ourselves for who we really are and not who people say we should be.


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