What Filter?


A filter,

What is it really?

Is it something to purify the air?

Is it a mask?

Is it makeup?

Maybe even a photo enhancer?


Why must we enhance our lives?

As a human being, you should be able to see yourself.

No, not just see yourself;

Look into the mirror,

Do you not find who you are beautiful?

Do you like you?


Every day we go through life hating.

Not necessarily others, 

But mostly ourselves!


The outer appearance should not matter.

You are beautiful.


I am beautiful,

No filter is needed.

Narcissism is not welcome in my life.

Narcissism is a cannibal.

I may be jaded,

But it was because I was so hated.


Hatred was a frequent visitor,

Hatred towards myself came later,

This hatred came from an outside source.

The others around me,

The others who did not see themselves.

They did not see themselves without their filter.


Throw out the filter,

It will not purefy you,

Nor enhance you.

In the end, it will hurt you.

You will become jagged and off kilter.

You are beautiful.


You, are you;

Beautiful, just the way you are.

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