In The Night Sky There Are Stars


If I told you I wore my heart on my sleeve

You wouldn't believe, 

because its barely a heart.


It's bruised and its scarred 

From all the places its been marred

by my own insecurity.


I used to count my flaws everyday. 

In hopes that one or two would go away.

but they didnt. 


Because they weren't there to begin with.

Flaws are a just myth.

Compliments of humanity.


They kept saying: Dark is bad 

Dark is sad

but dark was all I had.


Don't worry, white is light

White is better than the night. 

but white was no where in sight for me.


But one day I realized 

I was flawless in my eyes.

Despite what humanity told me. 

So I embraced the shadows of my heart 

and let the darkness hold me.


Shortly, I stopped looking in the mirror

'Cause it made me feel inferior.

I looked at my self instead

and felt superior.



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