Sonnet Number I Am a Warrior


Stand straight, shoulders back, chin up, eyes forward.

Think fast, speak little, assume none, shield all.

Be good, follow rules, don't question, respect honored.

Stay quaint, fall in line, don't be different- so banal.

Slouched down, head cocked, lips smirked, eyes inquisitive.

Questioning everything, challenging all, breaking rules, succeeding.

I am a force that only I control, I can adapt to all situations, I am the infinitive. 

Confident in all situations, I stride with power, heart always bleeding.

Rules are guidelines, roles are suggestions, I make my own path, I am a warrior.

I take no pity, I take no prisoners, I accept every challenge, I stand on my own.

They say I'm a dreamer, I say I'm a prophet. Making my own fate, respecting every barrier.

I strive to inspire, I strive to make change. I strive to do better, this fire runs to the bone.

I know I am great, I know I am powerful, I know I am woman, I know I am human.

I know I have fear, I know I am brave, I know I will succeed in breaking the illusion. 





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