the heart wants what it wants.

So close.

Close enough to admire the part in your hair,
Close enough to study the creases of your face,
From years of laughing so vividly.
Close enough to get lost in your enlightened eyes,
Close enough to exchange swift glances and smiles,
Hoped to be meaningful to us both.


Not close enough to talk hours about our pasts,
Not close enough to fall into each other’s arms,
Warmed from finally finding a peace.
Not close enough to console you while you worry,
Not close enough to feel the softness of your lips,
Pressed upon mine as passion is born.

So far.

Far enough to wonder why I even bother,
Far enough to fill my unconsciousness of dreams,
Reflecting the pained impossible.
Far enough to acknowledge an ache in my chest,
Far enough to extend fantasies into words,
Raged because the heart wants what it wants.


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