The Version No One's Meant to See


I look in the mirror

No make up on

No filters covering the flaws

It’s the version of me, no one’s meant to see


Dull brown eyes

Dull brown hair

It’s another thing I don’t wish to see

We are expected to be perfect

To be someone everyone wants to be

But it’s the version of me, no one’s meant to see


We live in a world that expects girls

To be more than they can be.

But without the make up,

Without the filters

It’s the version of me, no one’s meant to see


I hide who I am

Because I’m afraid to be judged

Not just by what they see on the outside

But what they’ll see on the inside of me


They won’t like what they see, or what they’ll hear

They expect me to follow what they say

What they do

But they don’t realize I will be who I want to be


Without the filters and the lies

I can be who I want to be

I can say what I want to say

But that’s not the version they expect of me


Now that these filters are gone

Now that I can be who I always was on the inside

The girl that will be heard

The girl that will not care to be judged

The girl that will speak out even if they want me to stay quiet

Because even though that’s the version of me no one’s meant to see

That’s the version I will always be

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