It’s tough when you’re forced to grow up in a world

Where Barbies are standards for each little girl

I’ve had too many friends feel they’re less than they are

‘Cause someone with photoshop took it too far

We powder our noses and stroke on our blush

While we force down the fact that we can’t measure up

To the magazine idols we label “ideal”

Though we constantly tell ourselves none of it’s real

And at first I thought “there’s nothing that I can do”

But I think recently that I have had a breakthrough:


I don’t weigh less than a hundred pounds

But I’m hot in a dress and- frankly- most things

And I don’t have the biggest or brightest of eyes

But I’m stunning onstage and damn, can I sing.

I don’t have a face that’s perfectly smooth-

It’s a constellation of freckles and spots

I look different, but I stick in everyone’s minds

Cause freckles aren’t something that everyone’s got.

And my hair’s not stick straight, but it’s also not wavy

So it doesn’t fit in in one place or another

And most days it won’t style just the way that I want

But man, you should check out its caramel color

And my lips aren’t bright pink or as full as I’d like,

But my smile is contagious and lights up a room

And my body’s not thin and it’s lacking some curves

But the way that I carry myself makes guys swoon

I’m not organized and I eat like a pig

And I’m more absent-minded than an old man

But I gain new companions wherever I go

And I’m already there when someone needs a hand

And sure, I suck when it comes to science and math

But my English essays all win 5s in AP

And I put off my work ‘til the day that it’s due

But I’ve a near 4.0 and I’ll get a degree


See, I know where my weak spots are all too well

I can point out my flaws and pinpoint what I’m not

But for each shining quality that I lack

There are twice as many to take its spot

Yeah, it’s tough when you’re forced to grow up in a world

Where Barbies are standards for each little girl

But I’m starting to learn and I’m starting to see

That little miss Barbie has nothing on me

I’m loud and I’m weird and I’m kind and I’m funny

I’m talented and bright and creative and stunning

I’m loving and giving and not afraid to lose

I’m leaving a footprint, and it’ll be huge

Each one of us is different- with different potential

So we can’t let the media be detrimental

So screw all those ads and the crap on tv

Those girls may be flawless,

But I’d rather not be.

And screw our society’s standards for hot-

You know “what makes me flawless?”


The fact that I’m not.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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