An Open Letter to the Next Person Who Says I'm too Quiet


Get lost. 
Just because we live in a world that is 2/3 extrovert does not mean I wish to join your ranks.
I'm done with feeling less than because I would rather sit quietly and listen
than try to talk over the words that spill over your lips like water over Niagara Falls, 
while I sit there and think about how much silence is being wasted 
by the poorly chosen words that you speak. 
Wasted by you repeating yourself again and again and again until........ 
I take a moment to consider my answer to some question you had asked 
which for you is a moment to long 
because you would rather people be like you and word vomit their answers 
and yes I said word vomit because that is what it sounds like to my ears.
A day later you call me back in to tell me I didn't get the position because 
I'm too quiet. 
I thanked you for your time and was still polite but what I wanted to say was 
fuck off, 
because what you were really saying was I am not good enough 
not because of something I did or because other people were better 
but because of who I am. 
What she was saying is that I need to change myself. 
I have taken chemistry and I know that the only way to truly change something is to burn it.
I refuse to burn for you or anyone else 
because sure it may provide the comfort of heat and light, it won't last forever. 
I will burn out too quickly and you will move on to the next person to destroy 
And I will be nothing more than ash I will hate myself 
because I am not the person I was nor the person they wanted me to be. 
So no I will not destroy myself to become something the world wishes to see. 
I have wasted enough of my time doing so already. 
I am proud to be an introvert. 
While everyone else seems to grow outward I grow inward.
I am not ashamed of that. 
While others fill in the empty space I shrink to give more them more, 
because I would rather focus on filling the empty space of my mind
than the empty space to my side. 
I would rather puzzle through philosophical ideas 
than puzzle through what's supposed to be said in a normal conversation.
I am not ashamed of that. 
I refuse to be ashamed of that.
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