Is it true?

the words I hear

and the visuals I see,

beyond truth is all I ever believe,

but for  me to see,

and for me to hear

is it reality?

 the feelings that i feel

and the thoughts I create,

how life can at times be so trite and flat, more or less.

slowly disintegrating from the rest of world and crashing down

like the violent winds hitting  the Pacific deep blue waves

is it perceived perceptions?

the absoluteness of the imaginary thoughts I have

my life feels great and in the midsts of the waves

comes crashing down like the sunken ship being pulled in

by its instinctive gravity and the help of the constant waves,

how deep it moves beyond the scopes of the sun horizon as it

shutters the reflections of the water.

 my subjectiveness.

I creates of all things I come to believe, see, hear, and think

to spend time dwelling on the inabsoluteness leaves

me confused and tired.

To feel alive

to be spoken

to be that of perceptions

it is time to let go of the magics of my mind

and to go crashing with the waves

and to create a live worth living,

to live

and to inspire to those as if that of the horizon of a million sparkles

on the deep blue waters.

a present and future lives on

along the midst of the waves:

the waves of love,





openess as

that of the ocean.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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