Imperfectly Perfect


New York
United States

Me, I think I’m average, not perfect
Average guy, with average grades.
Pretty average situation...
But then I stop.  
Average? No.
Perfect? No.
I look around, and I stand corrected.  
How could one be average with such a diverse team backing me?

My family.  
I learned to speak up from my mom,
and shut up from my dad.
My sister taught me to share,
my brother taught me to strive to succeed.
I learned to laugh from my uncle,
and learn, from my Yiayia.
My older cousins taught me to never stop acting like a kid,
The younger ones remind me to appreciate every moment.  
My papa taught me to remember,
my grandma taught me to observe.

So, I step back,
And think, average? No.
We are Imperfectly Perfect.
I am Imperfectly Perfect.

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