Brokenhearted Brutality


Stop searching,
Let it go,
There are times to use your eyes,
for now, let it flow.
Be the being of brokenhearted brutality,
if that’s who you are.
Be happy with the choice you make,
There is no right or wrong.

Projection, not reflection, is the key to this infection.
So, throw yourself onto your sleeve,
and let it reciprocate back.
For the reflection you truly want to see is “Anti” of the fact

Love is not an eternal wanting,
Lust might have you tricked.
Love is a desire to share the moment,
and not to primitive needs defect.
Love can take you above beyond,
Even while sitting in silence.
Love is knowing without a doubt,
That they take you,
For you,
No alterations,
No implications,
Just pure interpretation of who you truly are,
So wear it proudly.
Speak as lewdly,
Act as shrewdly as you must,
And you will find the love you need,
Is the love you find within yourself.


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