Society shunned your natural beauty,

Kept it hidden behind a glossy curtain

Of Photoshop and fake cheekbones,

Creating false reality with simple clicks.


Society blinded your eyes in the mirror.

Turned your head towards the “selfie” camera.

Put your mind towards the likes from strangers,

Creating emphasis on a petty matter.


Society fantasized models,

Skinny legs, thigh gaps, eating less for admirers,

Made you feel like this is what matters,

Creating salads for dinner, hoping not to get fatter.


Society turned your mind towards the Barbie Dolls,

Since the day you were born, Beginning to crawl,

Creating a vision of what the perfect life was

Turning you away from where real beauty was.


What society didn’t do was turn you towards your mirror.


The mirror where your real beauty is revealed.

Where no camera can capture something so real.

Where every freckle, laugh line, and stretch mark represents you.

The scars that tell your stories, the wrinkles on your nose from your smile.


The mirror that shows you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

Which is in your eyes,

Your eyes that are swirling with speckles of blue,

Your eyes that wrinkle up when you smile.


What society didn’t do was tell you the truth.


They didn’t tell you that in the word flawless there are flaws,

That perfection is a composition of your imperfections,

That beauty is in the eyes of you, not the beholder.

That you are flawless.


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