Love Thyself


Love thyself.

Such a simple, yet complex phrase. 

We want others to love us and to accept us. 

To trust us. 

To want us. 

And to respect us, all before we do any of those things for ourselves. Just as forgiveness is not just for the enemy, but for you, so is love. 

It lifts you up, makes you realize that you are more than what others label you or what you label yourself. 

It gives you power. The power to live everyday to the fullest, to care for others wholeheartedly, to be genuine in your actions and words. 

It gives you confidence so that you may be unafraid of life itself. It completes you. 

While it may be hard to understand, it is actually very simple to grasp. 

Love thyself. 

For the girl who dresses to please the boys rather than herself, 

Love thyself.

For the boy who acts hard to earn respect as a thug, as a criminal, 

Love thyself. 

For the woman who allows her husband to mistreat her just so she'll have someone to say "I love you" 

Love thyself. 

For the hardworking man who goes unappreciated at his job, being belittled and torn down,

Love thyself.

And for all of the world that deals with loneliness, desperation, depression, self-hatred, and self-consciousness, 

Love thyself.  


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