Before the blinding flash


It was just within that moment in which I had taken a mere reflection of myself.

A true reflection in which no other could see, unless filtered into perfection.

I am a pure, white flower, blooming from fine, fertile land. 

I will not have society mock me for my originality, and pressure me to change my color.

I am of youth and stand strong for my appearance. 

I am one who has the courage to post such an image - no filter required.

Filter they say, in other words a false image of thyself. 

Showing the world a false image is nothing more than a meaningless lie.

A lie which should have never been shown in the first place.

We all have our flaws in our looks, 

However, we should embrace those flaws and shine them before the camera's flash.

God has blessed us with such beauty in which no one else can possess. 

So tell me, my dear friend, why make changes that never existed?

I for one believe that God has blessed me with a look in which I can only have.

My petals are as simple as a summer's day, yet I have more to be grateful for.

I am one who needs no comment of what society has to say about my appearance.

I will remain strong and bold, for my image is who I am and there is no filter required my dear friend.



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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