Breathe In

So I thought I knew everything…

Growing up taught me lessons I should know

A high school diploma was just nothing to show

Momma was proud when I walked with a degree, I’m sure 

But 20k in depth I should have studied a little more 

Thirsty, and hungry to know who I would become

I was so lost I could not find a beat to the drum

But I kept pushing, knowing one day I would become someone

Tripping and falling taught me what couldn’t be done

I won’t blame my father for the absence he’s been in my life

Momma took care of us, so I can honestly write

I wasn’t taught to defend myself even with a pocket knife

I didn’t meet their expectations to marry a beautiful wife

But that is just life…assume nothing is perfect

Everything will rise to the surface

Or just crumble and defeat the purpose

I want to express myself, for that I’m nervous

But something beautiful will sprout from my verbiage


I love my sister Bianca…

Nights of laughter and us dancing to samba

She is the definition of family, but without the drama

We have each other’s back, that we are fond of

Not understanding how family got disconnected, an unknown trauma

I stick to myself not meaning to be distant

You become a lonely animal when you sit back and listen

And see the truth behind people’s eyes hiding from all the lies

That’s why, I be cautious when I say something, I am not surprised

I am recorded from repeating myself a thousand times

To make relationships and eliminate all the broken ties

To love everyone is a different approach

Even when my emotions say otherwise, I need to personally coach


I thought things were a lot easier

I lay down, close my eyes to change my demeanor

God took the wheel to guide me, making it clearer

Hands together, let me pray for my doubts and fears


So I will never know everything…

Life would never be exciting and enticing

I want to feel like a little boy with cake licking the icing

Nothing will be the same from my past, that’s why I write things

I am trying to make sense placing the pieces in the right place

I have a long journey to accept myself, thank God it’s no race

To realize I am a humble human being who didn’t go to waste

I learned forgiveness and communication at a gradual pace

I can’t complain I’m lonely for its an irrelevant case

I only isolate myself instead of breaking the family trait

I can become anything, I have the power to put my mind to

After all the studying, at least I know what words rhyme too

Let me breathe in, what this song expresses so I have a clue

A small reflection of my life like an equation two squared with two

Growing up I learned to be myself and open to the world

To be hungry and ambitious, a positive referral…


This poem is about: 
My family
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