I blossomed

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 00:22 -- Nyasha


I see a flower blooming in the dark. No sunlight or fed nights 
Shes a little seed tryna live life 
Got a hold on of what she can't see 
Being fooled by those... 
By those that she thought was down 
The only thing down about them 
Is that they brought her to the ground
Buried deep. 
A cold breeze of a fooled one
Crossed with a fake lover
Man I let him discover..
I let him discover me 
Come into my thoughts 
Weak minded 
Believed everything I was told 
How could I let some one discover me 
Before I even knew myself. 
Grounded by the soles of my feet
Pain is rushing so deep 
That scream to release. 
Time to stop the pitty crying 
Tears running down 
My eyes and by no surprise 
I get emotional 
I feel the sicken feelin of being used 
Thought I was something but only to be abused
Emotionally  unstable 
And to feel this un tangible touch
I knew I needed to be set free
So I woke up from this nightmare
I bloomed 
I bloomed from the darkness of my mind 
And I let go of the shame 
And let open my crown. 
I let my emotions and love pollinate 
I don't hold back 
I will not be hurt again 
I've got my soul back. 
I've got all the time in the world to be that special one 
But I'm the special one for me first 
And my journey has just begun  
I see a flower that bloomed in the dark 
With no sunlight or fed nights 
And I pollinated the fertile soil
And now that seed 
Has taken on a new life. 


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