Wed, 01/27/2016 - 10:29 -- angye

So self-conscious 

That’s why she spends an hour in the bathroom

Trynna see life clearer 

While her mascara 

Is running down her face

Because she fails to see

That the reflection in the mirror is  more precious 

Damn you see


We so self-conscious

That's why we spend all our paychecks buying clothes

Not to be comfortable 

Because we rather impress the eyes

Of the enemy

But I ain't about that life 

So please don't judge me


See we so self-conscious


Saying the words we don't like to hear

Forgetting what they once meant

So now you spend your days thinking 


Did he really mean it?

We throw around love until it becomes dull

Say it over it just loses its meaning cuh'

Love, love, love

To my generation


See we so damn self-conscious 

Cause we beautiful people

Are beautiful to start with

But we rather ruin this canvas

Society wants to paint us

Ordinary nonsense

Don’t hold that door for me

Cause I'm on another genre

Shut up

You just foul 

Let me spit local


Walk a mile in my shoe

My laces loose

Now I'm just tripping over dramatic logics


We so self-conscious

See we live through beauty 

And beauty is chaotic 

We do the highest things

With the lowest self-esteem

Working so damn hard to live the American dream

When reality just tells you 

Dreaming is illegal 

So while ya’ll chasing paving 

I’m chasing palms trees


Cause I'm so self-conscious

Spend an hour in the bathroom

Trynna see life clearer

While my mascara is running down my face

Cause I fail to see

That the reflection in the mirror

Is just more precious


This poem is about: 
Our world


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