A Blessing in Disguise


I was seven years old when it happened

Wondering what I did to deserve this?

How could a kid like me live with this disease?

Walking into the clinic ready to give up,

All they wanted was for me to give them blood.

I would never live the same.

All I would ever do is blame.

Until one day, I heard someone say

“Nina, you’re an inspiration”

And that’s when right away, I changed.

Now every morning when I wake,

I thank god for making me unique.

I no longer think I am a freak because,

I have accepted myself for who I am.

It has given me opportunities,

That some kids will never get.

This is a blessing in disguise.

I believe I have become a strong person,

Because of the pain I have overcome.

And now I am flawless inside and out.


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