I am Victory!

This is it.

The final score

Never has it been this hard before

Racquet in my quivering hand

Do not go into no man’s land

Everything has led to this

Am I good enough?

Will I miss?

Thoughts pour through my mind

Feeling of doubts and sorrow

Will I still be on this team tomorrow?

Sweat sticks to my forehead

My heart races and leaps

But this is my dream!

My goal, my passion!

The sport that is so full of compassion!

I must win, I can!

I am incredible!  I am!

I breathe in

The serve comes to me

It calls to me

My racquet clashes like a sword on sword

Hours pass by

The ball hits the line

Is this game mine?


Game, set, match.

I breathe out.


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