The Best Of Me


Who am I

I ask as I gaze into the clear blue sky

What makes me unique

My personality, I think

I am a little bit of everything

All rolled into someone who cannot sing

I feel the music in my body though

I'm just too afraid to let it show

I keep to myself most of the time

I really kind of stink at this rhyme-ing thing

There's nowhere I can't fit in

So much so, I've been called a chameleon

Society only percieves what I decide to show

There's so much that nobody cares to know

So I'll float on through another day

Just so nobody can listen to what I really want to say


I'M HERE!  I scream

Why won't anybody look at me

I'll stand my ground, day after day now

I won't be ignored anymore! I won't allow it

I'm breaking out of my shell

No longer in my own personal hell

I'll stand tall, bright and shining

Like a beacon of hope to all who are hiding

We can make a difference

Just step outside the circumference

of solitude we've built for ourselves

We'll change this world for the best

We won't be bothered by all the rest

There's so much more 

Than we never let show

But we are some of the kindest

Most sincere, individuals. We are the best

It takes us time to truly open and be ourselves

We tend to become overwhelmed

But once we do, You're in for a treat

One day we will be complete

But for now, we are on the quest

To seek out the very best

Of who we are and our highest potential

Because we are the existential.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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