Because I Love You...

For a whole year, we sat and talked and fought.

Because I love you Jay,

We talked. We argued. I hit you.

Because I love you and I don't want to lose you.

Didn't we have good times Jay? Possibly, but I can't remember them.

I remember you hurting me because you said love me.

Because I love you Jay... I pushed your face in the wall.

You were trying to leave, and I need you.

Because I love you, I taught you a lesson, in front of your 6month old daughter..

That I love you so much that I punched you

Because I love you, I rekindled your friendship, only to cut you off from everyone.

Your friends are bad influences.

Because I love you, You'll need to use my phone to call your mom.

"Why would you want to talk to her? All the stuff she's done to you"

Because I love you, I need you to stay with me, and you won't need to work, I'll pay "our bills".

Because I love you, and I can't lose you, I had to choke you.

You saw someone like my picture on social media...

But we sat at the hospital together Jay, remember? I stayed because I love you.

I love you more than myself.

I'm going to marry you Jay, because I love you.

Scarier words have never been said to me before.

Because I love you, I followed you, I watched your moms house when you moved out.

Because I love you, I yelled and made you feel inferior.

I called you crazy, demeaned you, disrespected you in front of your daughter.

I cheated because I needed you to know that you could be replaced, but I love you so I never would.

But didn't you?

Because I love you, I held a gun to your head, because you texted your best friend

I'm the only friend you need

Because I love you, I trapped you in my bedroom

Because I love you, I forced you to have sex with me, in front of your 8 month old daughter

"Michael, please stop, I don't want to"; "It's mine isn't it?"

"She won't remember anything"

She remembers everything; As do I.

Because I love you, I want you to have my child

But you have two you barely know how to take care of.

Because I love you, I buy your daughter diapers

I love Ryli, I made her watch so she knows what it takes to be a wife.

"She won't remember"

She's still scared; She still has dreams

Because I love you, I got your name tattooed on me; So you'd know I'd love you forever

Because I love you, I need you to get my name on you

You're mine. Forever.

Because I love you, I had to hurt you first Jay, to make sure you wouldn't hurt me.

"My heart has been broken before"

But I never thought about hurting you Michael.

But, Because I love you, I forgave you.


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