A me With No Filter at all

Coming to a mirror image,

Dull is my thinking that age;

From the site of my being,

To my impure seems.


No thus wonder of the disagreement;

Just a plain material on the side,

That from the day and night,

Deeply in me, they both reside.


Affirming the sensation,

A fear of not fit in;

Fake trues where told,

That the world acclaims to be.


Society’s standards at its deepest,

Sets up the general rule,

That for one self-acceptance,

Some lies must be use.


However, when I see my reflection;

I don’t see whom I expected;

Instead, I see a single statement ;
a simple comment to myself.


This thought that ran wild through my head;

That a ‘me’ with no defects ,
is, and will not be me at all.

Why would I lie in something as basic as ‘I’?


If I want my existence to be remember,

My life as I was,
then I have to show myself,
just the way am I.


I’ll go around with a snap,

One that reflects both good and bad,

I’ll show the world about my presence

All that with a “#No Filter” at all.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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